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Starting a Private Cryptocurrency Company

Ever since I started investing in cryptocurrency, I realized just how easy it was to make money in this market. For me personally, I have tripled my initial investment of $7,500 dollars to over $24,000 dollars in less than two months.

Perhaps, I invested in an opportune time when the market was undergoing a heavy upward trend. It may be true that I was also lucky. Whatever the case was, my investment was not an outlier in the market. My cousins, who I convinced to invest in cryptocurrency, also had positive results of doubling their money.

In my last article, I wrote that it is important to think multiplicative in terms of investing in cryptocurrency. The gains that you make are all the same. It doesn’t matter if your one dollar investment becomes two dollars or one thousand dollars investment becomes two thousand dollars. They are the same in that your investment increased in value by a factor of 2.

Understanding how common it was for your investments to double in value in this market, a great idea occurred to me. If I had an initial investment of say $50,000 or $100,000; then tripling that amount would have given me $150,000 and $300,000 respectively!

This is a large sum of money, and if possible, is extremely life changing. I don’t know how long this market will continue its parabolic upward trend in price. What I do know is that the cryptocurrency market is relatively new, so I wanted to take some risks.

After a month long extensive study of cryptocurrency and experimenting with my own portfolio, I finally felt competent enough to ask my parents, uncles, and aunts for the initial capital needed for investing in cryptocurrency.

This was the start of an entrepreneurial endeavor by me and my cousins. Continue reading

Investing Strategies in Cryptocurrency

“Happy New Years to becoming cryptogods. To wealth and riches and getting bitches.” My cousin Simon typed in our messenger group. He was ecstatic about the potentials of making money in cryptocurrency.

Ever since I took a leap of faith and invested in this new technology, I have had great returns. I convinced a few of my younger cousins to invest in cryptocurrency. Due to the extremely bullish trend of the market, all of my cousins doubled their initial investment within a month.

Being entranced with such an event, many of them were unable to keep their emotions in check. Some of them were experiencing dopamine rush, like my cousin Simon.

For me, on the other hand, I was unfazed by the explosive growth in my portfolio. It was the natural consequence of research and calculation.

I have studied cryptocurrency for hundreds of hours. I probably studied harder in a month than I ever did in college. I cannot say that I am an expert in this field. But I have a general understanding on the cryptocurrency market. I want to share some of this with you. Continue reading

Investing in Cryptocurrency

“You’ve heard of this new cryptocurrency coin called ethereum lately? It has been on the news quite a bit lately.” I asked my cousin Simon as I typed in ethereum on my phone browser.

“I have never heard of it.” My cousin Simon replied. “But I have heard of Bitcoin.”

“Well yeah, everyone has heard of Bitcoin.” I replied back while looking over the price of an ethereum coin. “Apparently this is another cryptocurrency that has been on the rise. This ethereum coin is $350 bucks right now.”

“That’s nothing compared to Bitcoin! A Bitcoin is worth over $8,000 right now.” My cousin Simon exclaimed. “Even though ethereum is cheaper than Bitcoin, it is still very expensive. I don’t think I could afford one.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” I agreed with Simon as we continued talking about various things. Our thoughts drifted away from cryptocurrency, it was not important to us. At least that’s what we initially thought.

A week later, I suddenly remembered my conversation with Simon and decided to check on the new price of ethereum. I was curious if there was any change. This time I grabbed my phone and googled the same thing. Back on the same dark blue webpage, a white centered number greeted me. It was 450. The new price for ethereum went up to $450! That was an increase of nearly 30% in price within a week.

Shocked and hardly believing the new price of ethereum, I quickly messaged my cousin Simon. I told him the news and he was mildly shocked. I just couldn’t understand what was going on and neither was he. However, I had an urgent feeling inside of me. If the price of ethereum can rise 30% in a week, what will happen a month down the line?

Without thinking much, I immediately convinced myself that I need to buy some ethereum. I went to YouTube and found an instructional video on how to buy ethereum. With the new knowledge, I downloaded Coinbase and added my credit card to the app. I ended up buying 2 ethereum coins without truly knowing what they are. And there I began my journey into learning about cryptocurrency. Continue reading