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I always had a bad stigma against yoga. When I was young, I only saw girls do yoga. I always thought yoga is about acrobatics. It is a feminine art of twisting and contorting your body to weirdly looking postures and poses. My initial thoughts about yoga was that it was not an exercise. You cannot call it an exercise because it was just about bending your body this way and that way.

Throughout the years, I looked at what yoga is. I always saw women do yoga, so I assumed that it was an activity for women, not for guys. Heck, there are pants named after yoga, and they are something that women wear.

So without a clue, I assumed that yoga is just a feminine activity. Only women do yoga because it is about stretching your body and becoming flexible. I assumed that that was the main point of yoga. I was wrong.

Yoga is not about becoming an expert contortionist. Yes, yoga postures and poses can stretch your body and make you flexible, but there is so much more.

Yoga started in ancient India, and it was used as a method, mean, or a technology through which one can transform himself. The physical aspects of yoga, the various postures and poses, were adopted by westerners. However, the deeper dimensions of yoga never caught on.

And as such, I developed a jaded view of yoga. I abhorred it initially, thinking and believing that it will not serve any purpose in my life. I came to a biased conclusion. Thankfully, I opened my mind and experienced new things. Now I practice yoga on a daily basis. Continue reading


“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. The cross-country team is currently looking for new members to join the team. If some of you are interested, please join the team after school on the track and field!” The morning announcement team, consisting of high school students, declared as they continued with their morning ritual.

I sat slumping forward on my rectangular desk, and for some spontaneous and superfluous reasons, a random thought popped up in my mind.

“Hmmm… I am not good at any sports requiring hand eye coordination like basketball, tennis, soccer, or any sports requiring a ball. Why don’t I give cross-country a try?” I muttered quietly under my lips.

“I mean there are many sports that one can play but running requires no balls or equipment of any kind. Not only that, but it is a sport that I can do anytime. I don’t need a gym or anything…”

“I mean I really do need some extracurricular activities like sports on my transcript if I want to have a good chance of entering a nice university…”

“Or how about meeting new people? I can make new friends who would share similar, healthy lifestyle…” Continue reading

What is Meditation?

Meditation has always been an elusive, far-fetched practice for me. How does one simply sit there and meditate? How does one calm his mind? Don’t the thoughts still come? How do I achieve the state of no thought? Is such a state possible?

These are just some of the questions that I had about meditation. I always believed for the longest time that meditation means no thought. After half a year of mediation through trial and error, I learned that this is not true. Meditation just means enhancing your perception. It makes you hyper receptive to what is already around you. Continue reading

Beautify Your Mind

“It’s not his baby!” A distraught, middle-aged woman yelled at the top of her lungs. Her brown disheveled hair concealed her face, covering up her inharmonious contours and wrinkles. She lunged forward in heavy steps by-passing me without noticing my presence.

I looked at her shockingly as she stumbled further down the sidewalk. Her arched back slowly disappeared into the dark night. I could no longer see her, but her loud voice continued on echoing in the air. It was all gibberish, nothing that I could understand.

As she disappeared into the background, I slowly shook my head and sighed. “It looks like she is totally lost in her own mind. Something unfortunate happened to her, and she kept those events alive within her. Walking by, she didn’t even notice me standing next to her when she yelled.”   Continue reading

How to Get Fit

“Hard work and dedication,” A blonde, muscular youth said to his slightly oversized friend. “That is all you need in order to become fit.”

His friend looked at the youth with a serious expression on his face. He nodded and said, “I understand.” There was a hint of eagerness and motivation within his eyes. His jittery hands and arms were swinging in an excited back-and-forth motion from his torso. He was ready to work out.

I gleamed over at the two friends who were conversing with one another and musingly smiled. The muscular youth was going over his regular routine workout with his friend. He clearly wanted to help his friend get in shape and was trying his best to explain his strategy and principles on body building. Continue reading