Dreams and Goals

“What are your dreams and goals?” Many people would ask me this question on a frequent basis. Apparently, it is a great way to gauge a person’s future capabilities based upon his dreams and goals. Generally, it tells others what a person is about and sometimes it is an interesting conversation starter.

I know this may sound stupid, but I never liked this question because I don’t know what my dreams and goals are. To others it may be obvious what their dreams and goals should be, but I don’t have any specific dreams or goals.

I don’t have any vision of what my life should be. I have no foresight of what kind of girl I will marry nor how many kids I will have. There are no goals about the kind of house I will live in or the different types of sports cars that I will buy. There is no dream career, nor how much money I want to make in life.

You may be thinking, “Luigi what are you doing? With no dreams and goals, how do you traverse through life? You will have no direction of where to go and what to do.”

I would say that you are correct. I have no specific direction. Almost anything I do, I do them just because it sounds fun to me. In terms of career, I don’t really have one. I dabble here and there doing all kinds of nonsense. In college I was a resident assistant, an auxiliary police officer, and a computer lab consultant. After college, I was a dishwasher, food prepper, frozen yogurt shop manager, construction laborer, student math teacher, DirecTV satellite technician, life insurance agent, cashier at a grocery store, and a prospective software developer.

There is no direction in what I do. No dreams and goals. But if I had a dream, then it is to live happily and to experience life totally. This dream is vague, and vague dreams doesn’t necessarily give you a direction. There’s a reason why my dreams are vague.

I mean what can we dream of? We can only dream of things that we know. We can only dream of things that are exaggerations, combinations, and permutations of what we already know. We cannot dream of something that is beyond what we know. It is simply outside of our perception.

To me, dreams and goals are rigid. When people set goals, basically they are saying only these events should happen in their lives. But with a limited perception of life, what do you even know is the best thing that should happen to you?

At different times in your life, you would have different dreams and goals. When I was 10 years of age, my dream was to have a video game system, particularly the PlayStation. I would have dreams at night where I envision myself in possession of this fantastic video game system. But this dream never came true.

If you ask me if I want this dream to come true now or not, I would not care at all. This is true because if you ask several old people what their dreams and goals were when they were younger, many would be glad that those dreams never came true.

When you mature and grow, what you want changes. Adolescent dreams and goals get filtered because your priority changes. This is why dreams and goals don’t make any sense to me. If you set a goal, you are ruling out all possibilities of life. Dreams and goals introduce a dogmatic way to look at life because you are saying only this and that should happen in your life. What you must do is to go beyond dreams and goals. Simply enhance yourself and open up to the limitless opportunities that are here.

Beyond Dreams and Goals

Dreams are an extension of what you already know. They come from a sense of inadequacy and insufficiency of what you have. This is why most dreams are just more of what a person already has or lack.

For example, if you lack money, you dream of more money. If you lack a fulfilling career, you dream of a great career. If you lack a girlfriend, then you dream of a girlfriend. Whatever you perceive to be the things that you lack, your goals and dreams will most likely be limited in those directions.

Dreams and goals are limiting because when you are compulsive, they cannot be more than what you already know. Also, most dreams and goals are only relevant during specific time period.

For example, if you lived 1000 years ago, you dream of being a bountiful farmer or a great hunter. If you lived 100 years ago, you dream of being a banker or textile factory owner. If you live in the current time, you dream of being a software developer. What a person dreams of changes with their own experience in life, and even this is limited to what is trending now.

Electric cars and smartphones are trending, so many people dream of owning the latest Tesla vehicles or latest Apple products. Having a career as a Youtuber, a Twitch streamer, and professional gamer are also modern dreams. You cannot dream of any of them in the past because they simply don’t exist.

So, what is the point of any dreams and goals? The only point is to give you a general sense of direction on where to go and what to do. But even this is subject to so many things, because situations change all the time.

We don’t know what opportunities the world may open up tomorrow morning. How do you know what will happen? If you pursue after your dreams, you will miss so many amazing things along the way that you never thought were possible in the first place! Just make yourself into a fantastic human being. You will see life opens up in a million different ways.

Dreams and goals are finishing points. They are not starting lines. You may use them as a motivator to get yourself to take action, but essentially you want your dreams to manifest. If you have a choice of wanting your dreams to be a fanciful idea to motivate you or a reality, then you will always choose the latter.

But the thing is, the latter is nothing more than predetermining how your life should be. The latter is also about focusing on the fruits of life without ever focusing on the process.

See, most people want their dreams and goals to manifest. What they are essentially broadcasting to the world is that they want the consequences without taking consideration of the needed activity.

If you want mangoes, you don’t dream of mangoes. You think about soil, sunlight, water, and filth. None of these look like mangoes, smell like mangoes, or taste like mangoes. Yet you tend to the mango tree and the roots. If you dedicate yourself to this process of caring for the mango tree, then mangoes will naturally come. This is the same with your dreams and goals. So being goal oriented doesn’t make sense. It is a singular moment. It is just the end results and consequences of your process.

Your process is the journey. It consists of many moments, but essentially it makes up the largest portion of your life because your entire life is just a process. You enhance your capabilities whichever way you can and go as far as you can. That is all that you can do.

I had no dreams or goals of ever falling in love when I was young. Yet, it happened. To this day it is still one of the most profound experiences of my life. I never would have imagined just how intense being in love would be. It was so intense that it took me away. My entire being changed. I dissolved and melted.

I had no dreams or goals of making so many wonderful friends wherever I go. Yet I met so many amazing people all around the world. I have had connections with people who I miss dearly all the time. It doesn’t matter who I connected with. They could be friends from school, workmates, adventure pals, or strangers on the street. Today, I could not imagine not having them in my life. They changed who I am and made me a better person because I interacted with them. Because they all impacted my life in wondrous ways.

I am not saying that one should not have dreams and goals in life. You can have as many aspiring dreams and goals as you like. There is nothing wrong with this. However, just know their true nature. Dreams and goals are just ideas in your mind. When your mind is introduced to new information, your ideas change.

Instead of constantly making up new dreams and goals at each interval of your life, just enhance your own capabilities. Similarly, if you want to go somewhere in your life, you don’t dream. You build this one.

It is my blessing and wish that your dreams and goals don’t come true. Let something you could not dream of happen to you. Let the largeness of life surprise you and take you away.