Inclusive Reality

Solipsism states that nothing exists in the world, unless it comes from your personal perspective. You are born into a dream-like world where only you truly exist, everyone else is an illusion. Situations and events that occur in your life only happen for your own convenience. In other words, life revolves around you.

I can’t totally agree with the ideas beyond solipsism. This theory seems to stem from egoism. It makes you the sole center of the universe. I find this idea to be a misconception. However, there are partial truths to it.

In our experience of life, we have only seen the entire world from within us. Everything on the outside is interpreted within. In a sense, all our understandings of life come from a bias perspective. There is no such thing as objective view.

If you don’t believe me, let me ask you some questions. Where do you read these exact words that I am typing right now? Can you point to them? If you are pointing to the screen, then you are wrong.

You are reading these exact words within yourself. The screen is reflecting light into your lenses. These light rays are inverted and focused as an image in the retina. The retina sends an electrical impulse to the brain. You know the whole story.

You see the whole world from within yourself. You hear the whole world from within yourself. Have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself? No.

Everything that you have ever experienced in life, you have experienced it from within yourself. All your five senses are interpreted within you. They may interact with the outside world, but essentially they are functioning internally.

It is no wonder why some people believe in solipsism. If all your experience of life comes from within, you would be duped to believe that everything outside of you is not real. However, this is a rare case. Most people simply believed that everything in life happens outside of them. Nothing is in their control.

That is why many people live their lives in reactivity. If you don’t believe you have control over how you feel or think, then you will always react in response to external events. There is not even the slightest perception that your experience of life is generated within.

Both cases stems from the extreme side of isolation and separation. In one case, you are totally unaware of the inner dimensions of your life. In the other case, you are so self identified with your inner dimensions that you forgo the inclusive nature of life.

In solipsism, you say I exist, therefore the world exists. What happens if you cease to exist, does the world go away? Maybe for you, but the world remains one and the same. It is just there.

Inclusive Nature of Reality

It is not hard to see that the world we live in is inclusive. The sun does not discriminate on whom to shine and not shine upon in the morning. Gravity doesn’t play favorites when any person or object falls off a building. There is a natural law and intelligence that exists for all life.

If life is inclusive, then why do some people believe that nothing exist in the world unless it comes from their experience? The explanation is simple. There are limitations to the physicality of things.

We have a physical body. In a sense, it is a boundary. It limits our perception to only what is within us. If you touch the palm of your right hand with your left hand fingers, you can feel the sensation in both hands. If you touch a table surface with your left hand, you could feel the sensation of the table on your left hand. But you couldn’t say that you feel the table’s sensation of your left hand.

Truthfully, you are essentially cut off from sensing anything outside of you. There are still plenty of external stimuli that can generate a reaction from within you. For example, if you see someone suffering, sometimes you can feel his suffering. In reality, you actually can’t. You are just responding to an external event within you.

If this is the case, how can one even feel the inclusive nature of reality? Does that even exist? If all your experiences are interpreted within, how can you be connected to anything outside of you?

The truth is you’ll know all the answers if you simply pay attention to life. For example, no matter what you are doing right now, pay attention to your breathing process. There is a level of intelligence at work that requires no effort from you. Your breathing process is simply happening.

When you inhale, you breathe in oxygen that is released by plants. When you exhale, you breathe out carbon dioxide that is nourished by plants. There is a mutual, beneficial relationship between you and plants. Half of your lungs are out there. If this relationship ceases to exist, you will perish within a few minutes. Life is inclusive because you don’t have to do anything to obtain this crucial benefit of life. It is freely given without discrimination and prejudice.

Your experience of life is totally generated within, but you cannot deny that you are sustained by the outside world. Your physical body, is it not an accumulation of food over time? You mind, is it not an accumulation of impressions and memory over time? All of this you cannot deny, because they are all living realities. There is no need for beliefs here.

You are not born with the body you have right now. You obtained it from the world around you. You took a piece of earth and turned it into your body. That piece of earth is food. Something outside of you became you. The food, without discrimination, chooses to become you. Is this not a miracle at work? Just because this happens on a daily basis, is it any less of a miracle?

We may call this digestion. But essentially food is transformed into a human being. Is this not creation? Is the source of creation not within each and every one of us?

You may believe that your body is yours. You may believe that it is even you. But everything that which you have, even thoughts and memories, are accumulated from outside of you. Did you know that every cell in your body replaces itself after a few years? Can you even call your body you?

Can you really say that a piece of this earth is excluded from its very source? Can you say that all these elements below that make up you are not the very elements found all around us?


Can you say that we don’t share 60% of our DNA structures with a banana? Or that we are not the trillions of bacterial cell that exist within our body?

You cannot say so because the nature of our existence is inclusive. We are everything, yet we are none of them. Why separate life into different parts?

The Importance of Inclusion

As a little kid, I always thought that the smartest people in the world are the happiest people. I was told that the true definition for intelligence is knowledge of many complex things. I always disagreed with this definition.

If you are the smartest person in the world, you should also be the happiest person in the world. That is what I always believed.

My logic is that we have the most sophisticated neurological system on the whole planet. No other living creatures come close to us. If we are the most intelligent creature, then shouldn’t we act like one? By my definition, being happy is the most intelligent way to live our life. It does not take a genius to come to this conclusion.

If we are the most intelligent creature on this planet, then it is within our capability to make the most of this profound life. However, many intellectuals are creating suffering for themselves.

The human mechanism is like a super, super computer. If we are handed the most sophisticated mechanism in the world, but we don’t know how to use it, then doesn’t it mean that we haven’t figure out the fundamentals to life?

If we don’t even know the fundamentals of life and we try to live, then we cannot live to our potentials. Instead we would live in constipation. Life would only happen bit by bit. Is this the action of the highest level of intelligence? This is not.

What needs to happen is the realization that our existence is inclusive. Our knowledge of life is limited because it is a recycling of limited data that we learned. Many of them are not even experiential.

Our knowledge of life, of morality, and philosophies are just a prejudice against life. They are good for musings here and there, but they don’t help us actually live our lives.

If you pay attention, you can see that one of our favorite brain activities is to separate information into categories. We label these information based on our conveniences and comforts. “Oh this is good, that is bad.” We mentally record information and store them as such.

If you do this on a frequent basis, all you do is fragment reality into different parts. You become identified with the thoughts in your head.

I want you to know that no thoughts and beliefs are as vast and boundless as the intelligence of life that is already here. Nothing that you can come up with is more boundless than this life itself. Let me show you.

In our universe, our solar system is a speck. If it is wiped from existence, no entity in the universe would notice. In our solar system, our earth is a micro-speck. In our earth, we are a super micro-speck. Our thoughts and beliefs are less than that within us.

Is it really worth it to live in a minuscule world of human drama that you’ve created? Is it that important to place so much importance on any thoughts and beliefs? Isn’t it simply better to live in this inclusive, creator world than a super minuscule creation of your own? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.