Privacy Statement

Short Version

Your privacy is important to me. I will keep all personal information secret. None of your personal information will be shared with anyone else.

Longer Version

Luigi Sheng is committed to protecting your privacy. To explain my online information practices, I have disclosed the information gathering process below for this website.

Information Automatically Logged
This site logs your IP address, date and time, status code, and resource requested by the web host servers. This information is primarily used for evaluating website traffic data and security.

Use of Cookies
The cookies used track information about their visitors. The information may include page views and time and date of access from Google analytics.

Email for Contact
This site requires you to enter your name and email when you contact me. I will not share your email address to anyone else. It will only serve as a communication tool between you and me. You can always use an anonymous name or fake email to contact me personally if you feel more secure that way.

External Links
I use links on this site from other websites. These sites primarily consist of Wikipedia pages, Amazon sites for my recommended books, and other useful sites. I am not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites.

Credit Card Details
This site does not ask for credit card numbers or personal information besides your email during contact. Please do not enter such information on any forms on this site.

Security measures are in place to protect the information on the website from being changed or misused. If there are any problems with the site security-wise or content-wise, please contact me.